Kitchen Remodel That Inspired a Whole House

We’ve recently shown some pictures of a beautiful modern kitchen in North Dallas. We became fast friends with this couple and, in addition to designing and remodeling a bathroom on their first floor, we have now taken the remodel upstairs to their master suite. A large master bedroom and bathroom are underway as well as a yoga room and general living area. We have found that many of our clients are not only re-doing their spaces for future re-sell values, but also for their own benefit as they plan to stay in their homes for several years.

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Kitchen Design Trend #3: Going Green

A trend that we gladly support is going green! You can do this in a variety of ways, but a nice way to go green when remodeling is to donate your old and unwanted appliances and kitchen materials. Our clients are oftentimes replacing materials and appliances that are still usable with fixtures and furnishings that are more up-to-date and in line with their overall design and remodel plan. So, in 2008, we contacted Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. With their help, we started a program whereby our clients’ used materials could be donated.

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Kitchens from Ordinary to Extraordinary

One of the most exciting parts of our work is seeing the transformation that occurs through the kitchen design and remodeling process. Here are pictures of three kitchens with the “before” picture adjacent to an “after” picture of the same angle. In some cases, the footprint did not vary greatly but the results are still dramatic. Let us know what you think about the finished results!

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Kitchen Design Trend #2: Casual Spaces

As I continue the series about design trends we’ve noticed over the past couple of years, I note that the second trend relates closely to the first of opening up spaces. Trend #2 is that people are going casual. Just as we used to see many more formal dining rooms, Clients are wanting to re-purpose that space for more open and casual interaction. I remember my friend’s mother who was not keen on us playing in their living room. The plastic-covered couch was off limits and the carpet was to remain pristine. A more casual and live-able style now reigns supreme.

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