Kitchen Design Trend #1: Open Floorplans

In a series of blogs, I am going to share with you several trends that we have seen developing over the past couple of years. Some are related to bigger picture general trends like the economy, but others are direct results of the way we are choosing to live and entertain as more social and interactive beings. So, let’s get started. The biggest impact trend we’ve noticed is the desire for our clients to open up their spaces.

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Getting Ready to Remodel? (Part IV)

In this ongoing series for those thinking about re-designing and remodeling their kitchens, I will address what to expect in our first meeting with you. At Kitchen Design Concepts, this meeting is our first chance to hear your likes and dislikes as you set the stage for your ideal kitchen space. We come to understand your objectives and listen between the lines to produce a proposal that reflects you. Our goal is to hear things you say and don’t say so that when we sit down to discuss our plan, you are not only hearing back what you told us but we’ve taken it even one step further to a place you didn’t know existed. There are four key goals of this first meeting:

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Five Key Questions That Will Lead You to a Great Kitchen Firm

Because Jennifer and I come from consulting companies where we were trained to embrace process and research business situations from every angle, I often consider what it is that makes a company good at what they do. We reflect upon our own processes at Kitchen Design Concepts and we make certain that we are improving at every pinch point along the way. When you are in the market for a kitchen remodel, there are five questions to ask that stand out as super important to make sure you are going into your project with eyes wide open and expectations in check.

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Getting Ready to Remodel? (Part III)

In part one of this series called “Getting Ready to Remodel?”, I mentioned that one of the most frequent questions we hear is “How much does a kitchen remodel cost?” While there are average costs that accompany a design and remodel project, much of this is determined by your style and your preference of materials. I recently saw a statistic from a kitchen remodeling study that cited $72,000 as the average price for a kitchen remodel.

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