A Kitchen for: Baking

This is the second in a series of entries that we will offer depending on your particular use for your kitchen. We hope you enjoyed “A Kitchen for: Kids” and that you find some entertainment in this one for those who like to bake. If neither of these fit your fancy, stay tuned. There will be many more to come (for those who entertain, vegans, dog-lovers – you name it, we’ve designed it)!

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White Kitchens with Wow!

Have you ever noticed that all the finest restaurants serve their food on white dishes? They say it’s because the clean, white background makes the food “pop”. It serves as a crisp and bright backdrop for the main event. We at Kitchen Design Concepts have noticed that concept works beautifully for the entire kitchen, too! A neutral, light palate in the heart of your house allows you to accent with family, friends, food and laughter. Beautiful cabinetry, hardware and countertops don’t always need more than that. Clean lines and a simple palate can bring serenity and a feel of organization to your kitchen. White also allows you to change colors with your mood or season by changing out temporary accents like linens, flowers and dishes.

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A Kitchen for Kids!

Seems that Julia didn’t have a kitchen like THIS when she was a child (yes, the pun is intended). Why not bring the kids into the kitchen? It’s where everything happens! The sharing of love, laughter, learning… the passing on of special recipes, and simply sitting together talking about the day, all takes place in that magical space – the kitchen.

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Eye-Catching Kitchen Islands

One of the most enjoyable features our clients may have in their new kitchen spaces is an island. Kitchen islands can be a key focal point to any kitchen remodel as you can see by the beautiful islands below. But, they are also handy for a number of reasons. If you have two people preparing meals in your house, an island can easily house an extra sink for prepping. They also offer additional counter space and many times an island is a great place for additional storage or display. Check out the features in these beautiful and functional kitchen islands…

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