The Perfect Match: You & Your Kitchen Sink

It wasn’t until I started cooking regularly that I realized I had been taking my kitchen sink for granted. Previously, my only bonding time with the kitchen sink had been living in an apartment with no dishwasher (never again). Now that I had decided to eat more than instant ramen noodles and anything microwavable, I had discovered the delicate balance between the chef and the kitchen sink. Suddenly I had more than just flatware and cereal bowls to pile into my twin-sided stainless steel tub. Muffin tins, cutting boards, blender tops, crock pots, wine glasses – my dirty dishes are varied and my sink is too small!

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Old Doors Open New Option

Call me a hippie, but I love “up-cycling.” The idea takes recycling to the next level, literally turning trash into treasure. I’ve seen entire gardens made from 2-liter bottles, pet beds made from old computers and surprising new uses for wine corks. One of my favorite ideas was a coffee table one blogger created from a secondhand door. She kept the knicks, scratches and old-fashioned hardware the door came with to create a table with lots of character.

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