Trends From KBIS 2020

What’s our favorite time of the year? KBIS! So what exactly is that you may be asking? KBIS is the “Kitchen and Bath Industry Show” hosted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) every year in conjunction with the “International Builders Show” (IBS) as a part of Design and Construction Week held annually. This…
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Tub Fillers and the Different Types

In the world of tub fillers, there are many types to choose from! So, where do you begin? Well, to start you may want to decide what type of tub you want then go from there. In general, there are 3 different tub-filler groups. They are wall-mount, deck-mount, and floor-mount. Then from there, the configuration…
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An Entire Home Remodel

Oftentimes we tackle a room or maybe two rooms within the home, mostly these are the kitchen and master bath – but rarely an entire home remodel. This home has been a “project” we’ve worked closely on throughout the years, and as we’ve worked our way throughout the house, we’ve realized how unique yet belonging…
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