Not Your Average Doors

Yes, we design kitchens, but we also take on all types of projects surrounding the kitchen starting from the floor and ending at the ceiling. You know, when you start a project, one thing sometimes trickles to other things and voila, you’ve not only got a brand new kitchen but new flooring, paint, lighting, extended…
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The Different Types of Construction

The cabinetry world is vast. There’s so much to choose from that sometimes it could even be too much (which, is a good problem to have if you ask us)! There are wood types, finishes (paints, stains, glazes, distressing and much more), and construction types – there’s much to be decided when designing a new…
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Tricks to Make Small Kitchens Look Bigger

Most people want a bigger kitchen or at least the illusion of a bigger space.  But before you start tearing down walls, there are tips and tricks to make those small kitchens seem bigger.  Plus, bigger doesn’t always equal better. Small kitchens can be intimate, you become more diligent about being smart with storage, plus…
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