Benefits of Radiant Heat flooring

In Texas we have a lot of heat (when we say a lot, we mean A LOT), so you wouldn’t think *more* heat would be a necessity, would you? Well, think about each time you step into your bathroom. Is the floor cold? Typically, it is! Better yet, imagine stepping out of the shower and…
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Designing with Children in Mind

Are you taking on a design project in your home and want to incorporate some child-friendly elements? We’re not talking bumpers on sharp corners or locks on doors and drawers. Rather, we will let you in on a few “trade secrets” as to how you can incorporate safe and accessible design for children without it…
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Patriotic Design Palettes

It’s almost that time of year where the sparklers come out, the fireworks start popping, and the patriotic pride is on display everywhere you turn. Yes, you guessed it. It’s almost time for Fourth of July! Well, here at Kitchen Design Concepts we are feeling a little excited and patriotic this fourth, so we created…
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Five Things a Man Wants in a Remodel

For this upcoming Fathers day we couldn’t help but to think about the men involved in our remodels. Typically, it’s the women who have all these visions and ideas when it comes to their kitchen and bathroom spaces, but what about the men? Well, the men have their ideas too! Over the years we’ve come…
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