Kitchen Design Bloopers You Want To Avoid

When designing your dream kitchen (whether you’re working with a designer or not), the design may seem like a straightforward concept…but is it really? Yes, there’s cabinets, countertops, and backsplash, but what you do with those materials can make a difference in the overall design! Kitchen design bloopers are easy to make, but they are…
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Drawer Cabinet Organization and Storage

Just by looking at cabinetry on the outside, you may wonder what type of chaos or order you’ll find on the inside. Whichever one you may be; we all still somehow end up with that one “mess” drawer! In basic terms, there are two ways to store items inside cabinetry, either behind a door or…
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Guidelines For Pendant Lights in Your Kitchen

When it comes to pendant lights in your kitchen it’s sometimes difficult knowing where to begin. There are thousands upon thousands of styles, finishes, shapes, and sizes! We realize we can talk forever about all the different types of pendant lights, but what about some tips and tricks about where to hang your pendants? Accepting…
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Do You Need a Kitchen Pot Filler?

A pot filler is a great accessory, especially if you like having convenience and enjoy cooking! Now pot fillers aren’t for everyone and we don’t include this in every kitchen we design. But for those that do request a pot-filler understand the handiness of having one. Eliminating the need to walk from your sink to your…
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