NARI CoTY Awards Success!

The NARI CoTY Awards are held each year, and for the past couple of years, it has been a high priority for us to enter. Leading up to the awards, our team meets, we go over the various awards, and we select exceptional projects we want to enter. Then, we really focus our time telling our…
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Cozy Breakfast Nooks

A cozy breakfast nook in the kitchen is great for spaces where you want to maximize the square footage. Plus, a nook creates a place for easy casual dining. Traditionally speaking, the dining room is formal and used for special occasions. So a breakfast nook with a banquette is a perfect solution for daily usage!…
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First Friday Feature: A Kitchen Revival

For today’s feature, we introduce to you one of our newer services we are providing here at Kitchen Design Concepts: spaces that just need a little reviving! As of recent, we are taking on projects that are in need of minimal updating, as in, spaces that don’t need a full-on remodel. Yes, you heard right!…
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Styles of Hardware for Your Cabinetry

Hardware on cabinetry is like the ring on your finger. It’s a finishing touch that completes a look, and also serves an important function. The options of cabinet hardware are endless. There are many different shapes, sizes, and finishes to choose from! Even people looking for the most specific type of hardware will most likely…
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