Our 2018 Year in Review

There we have it, almost another year has come and gone, and many kitchens, baths, laundry rooms, and you name it, have been designed.  Just in one year, we’ve learned many new and exciting things in our industry, and most importantly, we’ve all gotten to grow professionally. Every year, we like to get together as…
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First Friday Feature: A Sleek and Modern Kitchen

With their old kitchen designed with traditional features, our clients wanted to freshen up their kitchen with a style that matched them, sleek and modern. After all, the architecture of their home was modern, and somehow the original kitchen missed the memo. For us, being able to design a modern and minimalist kitchen was exciting, as…
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Perspectives to Reality

When we go through the design process, it’s truly impossible to know how the space will look in its entirety until it’s fully complete. Don’t get me wrong, we know how to envision what spaces will look like, we know the finishes will go great together, but how we envision a space, might not be how you…
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Custom kitchen design with backsplash and countertops

Things We Are Thankful For in Our Kitchens

We are feeling super thankful today as it’s one of the best holidays around! If you’ve noticed, lately, there’s been a few different versions of thanksgiving. We’ve got “friends-giving” where we celebrate with friends, “works-giving” where we celebrate with co-workers, and I’m sure there are some more versions of thanksgiving out there. But what’s most…
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