Must Haves For Reviving Your Kitchen

Our Revive service is one of our newer services that we provide. It’s all about taking your existing space and essentially “reviving” all the finishes and bringing it into today’s beauty and standard. Our Revive service is great for clients who already enjoy their layout, have good quality cabinetry, and don’t want to go the…
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What Kitchen Style Are You?

Since you so happened to land on our website, you’re probably wondering what kind of kitchen style you are. We all have our specific tastes in what excites us. For some, it could be the color scheme, for others, it might be the type of materials used. Things that get you excited about kitchens could…
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Deck-mount vs. Wall-mount faucets

When designing bathrooms, we feel like kids in a candy store! Think of all the fun colors, patterns, finishes, and material that can go into a bathroom. Not only that, there are tons of options for plumbing as well, which may seem a little overwhelming at first. Today we are discussing the type of mount,…
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