Back-To-School Spaces

Back-To-School Spaces For the kids (and heck, parents too!), going back to school is an exciting time of year. Towards the end of summer, families are starting to prep for new routine as kids are prepping for a new school year. It’s really a nice time for the whole family- routine can do everyone some…
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corner cabinets

Corner Cabinet Options

Corner Cabinet Options Corner solutions for cabinetry have come a really long way when it comes to the many options to choose from. The corner in your kitchen can sometimes become an awkward space, especially when designing. A good trick is to actually start laying out cabinetry in the corners (following plumbing and ventilation) and…
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Our Showering Options

Our Showering Options Today, we’ve got tons to choose from when it comes to our showering options. Not only can you decorate it nicely with tiles and shower glass, but you’ve also got many options when it comes to the functionality of your shower plumbing (and finishes, too!). A little history lesson… Did you know…
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