Our 2018 Year in Review

There we have it, almost another year has come and gone, and many kitchens, baths, laundry rooms, and you name it, have been designed.  Just in one year, we’ve learned many new and exciting things in our industry, and most importantly, we’ve all gotten to grow professionally. Every year, we like to get together as a company around the holidays, as it’s impossible we are all-together at any given point throughout the year! So, it’s nice to catch up with one another and see how each of our years has gone, plus, we have a little fun with food, drinks, and just simply being together outside of work. Check out our year in review Q&A, and enjoy some of our holiday photos!

Tell me about your favorite project you worked on this year and why you enjoyed it.

Rebecca – A kitchen and bath project in a high rise downtown. We used high gloss blue cabinets with a 3D hex splash in the kitchen. A textured melamine door style in the bath with a shower expansion in the master. It was many small special projects, but the clients let us have a lot of fun with the materials – can’t wait for pictures next year!

Abigail – My favorite project I worked on this year was/is one I am still currently working on.  Not only are the clients wonderful people but their house is darling!  My clients wanted to keep the charm of their 1960s home and we collaborated on lots of fun ideas.  I was able to source unique vintage tiles, custom wood work, and even a coral colored footed tub.

Erica – My favorite project was a kitchen were color in the space made a huge impact. It was fun because my client wasn’t afraid of a little color!

What is the biggest thing you learned this year (professionally)?

Erica – Don’t paint cabinets that have a wood veneer on them!

Rebecca – How to do more of the upfront “sales” process myself. So, home visits/measures, asking clients the right questions and prompting follow-ups to create better designs, and a better understanding of costs, scopes of work, and the importance of detail while writing up our contracts.

Abigail – This is my first end of year wrap up with KDC and I have learned so much in so many areas! Teamwork/collaboration is the biggest one for me.  Coming from a smaller company I didn’t have this opportunity and it has been a wonderful surprise.

What is the one office supply you could not have lived without?

Abigail – I definitely cannot live without post-it notes!  Bright ones 🙂 I jot down reminders and due dates for important items to take care of during the week.

Susan – White-out!

Rebecca – My new “task book” – it’s essentially a glorified journal but I’ve started hand-writing all of my tasks into this single book and highlighting everything in blue once it’s complete. This ensure that nothing accidently gets deleted (like online task lists), that my list is always with me (it’s tiny purse sized!), and it’s just really satisfying to sit down and highlight an entire page in blue when I complete all of my tasks.

Erica – My laptop, is that an office supply?

What is your 2018 work-resolution?

Erica – Have more fun with tile backsplashes!

Rebecca – I would love to have a repeat client that I have worked with before. There are a few that are waiting and thinking about their next project! I’m hoping at least one of them enjoyed the process enough to take the leap again in 2019 and do another space with me!

Abigail – 2018 work goal is to schedule my day/week more efficiently.  Yay for growing!

Susan – To have an organized warehouse area!

Here’s to an amazing 2018! We wish you all happy holidays!