Open Shelving, A Popular Trend We Love!

Today we’re going to talk about a popular trend, open shelving! Open shelving is something we do more and more on our projects, and we love the open feel this type of shelving can give to essentially any space. While there are many different ways to incorporate this trend, there’s always a solution for any style. Check out some of our favorites below!

Floating Shelves

What may first come to mind are the classic floating shelves. These are mounted utilizing a hidden bracket giving the illusion of “floating”. Here we’ve tied in the floating shelves next to the tv in the living room creating a perfect place for decor. Plus, the floating shelves give the wall a nice touch of openness!

Floating Shelves with lights 

Now we can’t stop at floating shelves because there’s another type so neat it can really be a showstopper. Floating shelves WITH lights! Here we’ve incorporated these neat shelves into a bar and how perfect is that? The added ambiance of the lights beaming off the bar is a lovely touch if we don’t say so ourselves! 

Open shelving with brackets

We love this rustic look combining a matte black bracket with a wooden shelf. The look is perfect for this country kitchen that produces their own honey and eggs right in their backyard. Shelving with brackets is something that can be done in any space, but we think it especially looks good on an open wall such as this one, truly letting it shine. 

Open shelf cabinetry 

Instead of covering all your cabinetry with doors, why not try an open solution? Here we’ve created a special area in the corner with open cabinetry. This little nook is perfect for cookbooks, decor, and much much more!

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