Not Your Average Doors

Yes, we design kitchens, but we also take on all types of projects surrounding the kitchen starting from the floor and ending at the ceiling. You know, when you start a project, one thing sometimes trickles to other things and voila, you’ve not only got a brand new kitchen but new flooring, paint, lighting, extended the house (yes, that too) and more! This got us thinking because over the years, we’ve included some interesting doors in our projects and we feel they deserve a special feature here on our blog. Let’s take a look!

Dutch door

How lovely and charming is this Dutch door? A Dutch door (or split door) is a type of door that’s split horizontally about halfway up. This allows you to open one portion of the door leaving the other half shut allowing for extra airflow- all while still keeping a barrier. Dutch doors are just adorable and not your average door – which is why we love it!

2/3 Frosted Glass

Want to let in light in your bathroom but still maintain privacy? Well, we do too! Adding extra light in with glass doors is a great solution and an awesome idea, but for a bathroom you need privacy. That’s why we’ve taken a 3- panel glass door and frosted 2/3 of the panels. The frosting lets the light in, but no one can see through the glass. It’s a win-win!

Sliding Barn Doors

The sliding barn doors have been on the rise as of late, and we love the way it makes a statement in a room. Even the exposed hardware for the rolling mechanism is beautiful! If interested in a sliding barn door, be sure you have the clearance and the wall space to do so. And if you want an extra pop, paint it with a color that gives a real pop to the space such as this red barn door seen below!

Bi-Fold Doors

If you’re into the indoor-outdoor living spaces, then you’ll love these bi-folding doors. These simply fold up like an accordion and bring the outdoors in, in an instant.! So, if you’re looking for a neat way to open up your space, consider these bi-fold doors as an option! We love this example of “not your average door”!