The number one complaint we hear from homeowners interested in remodeling their kitchens is that they don’t have enough counter space. Well, the good news is that there are plenty of solutions for this daily dilemma.

Once we find some ways to regain some space, there are always great solutions for re-configuring that space. So our first mission is to find space that is being under-utilized. We’ll start with an easy way to pick up a good chunk of square footage – a walk-in pantry. Think about all the space that is used up by the thick walls and room to walk around. Another easy win is re-purposing the space used by a second oven from a stacked double oven. Sliding drawers and shelves make for great cabinet pantries and use much less space. Now think about what you have on your current countertop that could be moved inside a cabinet or replaced with a more efficient appliance. For instance, coffee makers can now be built-in or tucked away in a counter-level cabinet. Microwaves now come in the form of a microwave drawer.

Check out these space-saving ideas and let us know what your favorites are. We love to make our kitchen designs both smart AND beautiful!

Below, removing a wall between the kitchen and dining area provided ample space to add a large island with room for storage and lots of additional countertop space

Cook Glaser Counters

Below, finding more space allowed us to add an island and additional counter space

Chalmers Counters

Below, adding a cabinet tower added counter space by placing their small TV and appliances up and out of the way

Head TV