Must Haves For Reviving Your Kitchen

Our Revive service is one of our newer services that we provide. It’s all about taking your existing space and essentially “reviving” all the finishes and bringing it into today’s beauty and standard. Our Revive service is great for clients who already enjoy their layout, have good quality cabinetry, and don’t want to go the mile of a full remodel. Having completed several revive projects so far, we’ve taken notice to some of the “must have’s” for our client’s kitchens that can completely transform the space. Want to learn more? Read below!

Paint Cabinetry

Looking for a big impact? To Revive your kitchen, we paint your cabinetry to a fresh new finish. Whether you like white, blue, grey, or any other color of the rainbow, painting your cabinetry plays a huge role in the end result!

Replace Countertops

Looking to upgrade your countertops? Almost every Revive client wishes to do so too! There’s just so much to say about a good quality countertop. Whether it’s the endless colors of granite, the quality of stainless steel, the many styles of quartz, and much more, we’re sure you’ll find one you like! Your countertops have a high impact on how your space not only will look, but also how it functions.

Replace Backsplash

When you see a photo of a kitchen, you can immediately tell if it’s outdated or of today’s standard. One of the things that might pop out is the backsplash (or lack thereof). The backsplash might have a funky pattern, or just completely clash with the rest of the space, and we need to fix that! There’s nothing more noticeable and eye-catching than a beautiful backsplash and that’s why it’s one of our must haves for our Revive projects.

Lower Raised Bar

Many kitchens we Revive has a raised bar. Now, raised bars aren’t bad per-say, but if you’re looking to open up your space, lowering the bar works wonders! It immediately opens up the space and with a new countertop, you’ll actually be able to see and enjoy it! Not a bad way to show off your kitchen!

New Hardware

Many kitchens we design either don’t have hardware or they just simply need replacing. Hardware is an essential tool for opening and closing your cabinetry with ease. Plus, it’s like the lipstick to your cabinetry. Hardware comes in many types of styles and finishes you’ll be sure to find a match with your space. We highly recommend cabinet hardware for that finishing touch!

Looking to “Revive” your kitchen or bath? Let us know!