You’ve already met some of the designers on our team, but who is it that keeps us in line and makes sure our showroom runs smoothly? Well, it’s time you meet another one of our amazing team members, our showroom manager, Roshel! Roshel actually wears many hats at Kitchen Design Concepts. She manages daily operations at (both!) our showrooms which includes managing deliveries, communication with clients and walk-ins, being a problem fixer, and our all-around go-to girl for essentially everything. To say the least, Roshel gives us much to be thankful for. So, in the spirit of getting to know her better, we did a fun little interview and got lots of insight to what her daily life is like with KDC! Read more below:

Being that you work in a kitchen and bath showroom, you must have a favorite style, right? So, what is your favorite kitchen or bath design style? 

I like transitional styles but if I were to have someone design my kitchen, I would like to mix transitional with Industrial to have a feminine and masculine look.

What is your favorite part about working at KDC?

 Being part of a great team that works really well together! And of course, getting to see the transformations of the kitchen and bath remodels we do.

If there is such a thing, what is an average day for you like?

 Average??? What’s that?  Every day is a surprise for me. Even though I have worked here for four years I have always ended my day with a to-do list for the following day. But I have not once been able to complete a list the way I have planned it. Which, don’t get me wrong, isn’t a bad thing! Being with this company has challenged me to think fast and outside the box. It has made me want to learn and do more than what my job description was intended.

What are 3 words that describe you?

Glue (I try my best to keep things together at work), optimistic, and passionate about what I do.

If you could go back to your first year as showroom manager, what is one thing you wish you knew then that you know now?

With my job I drive A  LOT, so I would say knowing short cuts and back roads would have been beneficial. Before I worked here, I had a standard job where I was at my office from 9-5. After just a year with KDC, I have seen areas of Dallas that most of my friends or family have never even heard of. I’ve been in Dallas for over ten years, and never knew about so many breathtaking “hidden” areas because I stuck to the main roads. Plus, with all this traffic in Dallas I’m pretty much familiar with the areas to avoid or navigate to get me where I need to be.

If you could have any celebrity walk into the showroom, who would you want it be and why?

Chris Pratt. OMG!! He is just lip-smacking to me, haha! He makes me laugh! And what better way to a woman’s heart besides pizza and wine.

What is your favorite phase of a project (the pre-design work, the beginning/demo, middle, or end/completion)?

My favorite phase is the completion… It makes me feel great to have been a part of the process to achieve our clients dream kitchen or bath!

When you’re not busy running the showroom, what do you spend your time doing?

 I love to read, spend time with my honey, our fur babies, and travel.

What does ‘Kitchen Design Concepts’ mean to you?

You know when people say choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. That is what this company means to me.

Tell me one fun fact about you that no one really knows.

I’m broken inside, LOL just kidding. What I mean is, I may seem laid back and collected but I secretly panic about everything that has to do with work.