Ever wonder what kind of kitchen your favorite Star Wars character would sport at home? Never fear, because we have [most] of them covered so May the 4th be with you kitchen style! From your favorite Jedi, to the biggest rebel, we showcase some of our designs with their counterparts from a galaxy far, far away…

Yoda – “Size matters not.”

A little space can really pack a punch, just like everyone’s favorite little green Jedi, as long as you do it just right. With the earthy tones paired with the perfect shade of green to match both his skin tone and light saber, the color combo here is spot on. We also incorporated a small but impactful eating area, so if he forgets to turn the stove off, the Force doesn’t have to work extra hard when chowing down on dinner.

Obi-Wan Kenobi – “Patience. Use the force. Think.”

Obi-Wan is a simple man – I mean he spent all that time by himself on Tatooine without blinking an eye! But nobody can say he doesn’t have style. We pair him with this classy, clean, and stylish tuxedo kitchen. He’s a no fuss kind of guy with want for little, but definitely deserves something with flare. We can totally see meetings with Qui Gon Jinn going splendidly here over a quick snack. This May the 4th be with you kitchen is a contemporary dream!

Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader – “I do not fear the dark side as you do.”

Little Ani was always a little ahead of himself and growing up he always put his feelings before his thoughts. However, this kitchen has both emotional impact and functional consideration. Although his backsplash may have included some storm trooper heads, the customization is still there. The metallic and colorful accents on this black backdrop just screams ‘Sith Lord approved.

Padmé Amidala – “But my place is with my people.”

Queen, Senator, Wife, Mother – Padmé was [and was supposed to be] a lot of things. She deserves a kitchen that suits all of her higher level needs, and speaks of her passion and lifestyle. This homey space has plenty of room to cook and entertain so she could easily host some of her favorite members of the Galactic Senate, and a few select Jedi, anytime she pleases.

Jar Jar Binks – “Mesa day startin pretty okee-day with a brisky morning munchy…”

Here we have another personable person – excuse me, Gungan – from Naboo. He may get on some people’s nerves but he’s got spunk. He’d fend well in this kitchen that sports clumsy proof stainless and wood countertops, but brings in a palette of creativity that reflects his colorful personality. This May the 4th be with you kitchen is also dear to us, being the don’t the bosses tend to cook in. Naboo would embrace those hanging pot racks – Jar Jar and Padmé can pull them off for sure.

R2-D2 – “BEEP!” [“The City’s central computer told me!”]

First, off, that quote is real, so we had to pick a kitchen that is also close to the city center here in Dallas, and boy is it stunning. The simple palette, classis design, high tech Sub-Zero/Wolf appliances, and a mix of different shapes, this kitchen is perfect for this little guy. A bonus? An extra matching mudroom to store anything else that he may need – like wine! Maybe oil in his case, but you catch our drift. Learn more about last month’s Friday Feature here.

C-3PO – “I suggest a new strategy, Artoo…”

Odds are, his different approach works, and that’s the fun kind of kitchen he would definitely be caught in. Simple palette, fun shapes, plenty of gold accents, interesting surprises, and a bold statement – wait, are we still talking about him, or the kitchen? Either way, we think he would approve of things like the mechanical elements and the mimicked patterned floor to match his friend, “Artoo.” Chances of likeness? 100%.

Luke Skywalker – “I’m not going to Alderaan, I’ve got to get home…”

Like this kitchen, Luke belongs to a whole new generation of style. He wasn’t trained classically, but still gets the job done. He’s got his own style, and plays a little with light and dark. His kitchen would obviously need to have some of those similar aspects as a part of the design, and what better than a bold black splash, unique design, and double duty sink action. Sometimes he needs all the prep work [space] he can get!

Princess Leia Organa – “Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”

And a short storm trooper would need a little help around this beauty – we’re talking about the kitchen, people! A stunning person deserves a stunning kitchen, both inside and out, and these two are the perfect match. From the subtle jewel hints to the bright palette, it sure is a show stopper. But don’t be fooled by the soft exterior, there are some clever things behind these doors.

Han Solo – “Chewie, we’re home!”

When he isn’t on the Millenium Falcon, Han would definitely have a nice casual space to cook and entertain in. The wood tones are a pleasant change to the pilot seat, but the exposed stainless and updated splash give a hint of his more “industrial” ways. Everything else? Simple and easy going, just like Han himself. And that little nook in the back for extra storage? Perfect – but don’t tell us what he stores there!

Chewbacca – “AAARARRRGWWH!” [“I’m cold!”]

As different as Chewie is, he’s simply classic, so his kitchen would definitely reflect him to the tee. A little traditional, but with a lot of warmth and wood tones, he would thrive in this rustic kind of look. With room to spread out and a big island to host a few of his closest friends, this earthy palette really suits his needs, and gives a little token to home – a tree covered planet.

Kylo Ren – “I will fulfill our Destiny.”

And Kylo’s real destiny is to be the owner of such a breathtaking kitchen (in our opinion). This luxe May the 4th be with you kitchen showcases some black stunners outlining art deco inspired pieces, and a gorgeous custom hood that even Kylo couldn’t pass up. He would certainly appreciate each and every detail in this design, and his luxe attitude would appreciate the look.

Rey – “I think I can handle myself.”

Our little Rey of sunshine – or close enough – comes from the little dessert planet Jakku, so the palette was really the ode to home here in her style. Simple, well ahead of her years [in design], and classic, the overall schematic of this kitchen is perfect for her. Bright, clean, with just a “pop” of something special also hits the nail on the head for Rey’s personality.

BB-8 –  “BOOP?” [“Can I come with you?”]

This little guy is literally always on the move, so his space would need to be classic, long lasting, and really stand out while making him the star of the show. We think we found the perfect match with this monochromatic neutral theme with just a pop of color. And do those lights look familiar? They remind of us of not only BB-8 himself, but also some similar pendants at C-3PO’s place! Droids sure have style.

Jyn Erso – “This is a rebellion, isn’t it?”

Rebel she does, and no there’s way that she doesn’t add that little extra kick when designing her dream kitchen. Black and white create such a classic story, but red – red is the color of rebels, and boy does this kitchen of hers scream “yes!” The punches of red (like this Viking oven), with the personal green hardware *and her, ahem, eyes* are right up Jyn’s alley. Big personality in a small space.

In conclusion: What character do you want to visit for dinner?! Which May the 4th be with you kitchen was your favorite?