I’m sure you’ve heard the rule of no white before Memorial Day and no white after Labor Day.  Some say it’s a southern thing, and others say they follow the rule because they want to save wearing white for the summer. Well, this “rule” exists in the fashion world, but does it also exist in our kitchens? Well, of course there’s no rule if your kitchen can “wear” white during this specific period of time! But in spirit of this past Memorial Day, we take a look back on some of our favorite kitchens “wearing” white!

The Red, White, and New

This kitchen is exciting because it’s composed of classic white inset style cabinetry, but is also designed with fun pops of red; possibly, our most patriotic kitchen to date (minus the blue)! Our designer designed this with red in the backsplash, incorporated red accents, and included red appliances (it’s not every day we design with red appliances!). With the pops of red, this kitchen has got some serious personality!

White With a Touch of Metallic Glam

Need another way to break up an all-white kitchen? Add mixed metallics! Metallic finishes are wonderful because they can be intermixed. Check out the custom hood – it’s composed of brushed aluminum and brushed brass, a beautiful combination! You also see brass in the faucet and cabinet hardware and brushed aluminum in the sink and appliances. How would you incorporate mixed metallics in your kitchen?

The Something Blue

We love this kitchen with a little “something blue”! One of our favorite tricks to do in a space is to add contrast by using a different finish or color, and we’ve done that here with the kitchen island! The pop of blue is a perfect accent to the white kitchen and gives the space some nice character. What color would you want your kitchen island to be?