Kitchens “Wear” White Before and After Memorial Day?

Ever heard the “rule” of only wearing white during the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day? Hopefully, this rule only applies to clothing because here at Kitchen Design Concepts we are “outfitting” our kitchens (and baths!) in white all year round! The color white is probably the most timeless and classic when it comes to designing a kitchen. In actuality, white is the most frequently requested color for cabinetry year after year. Not only is white a safe bet, but the color is very friendly when it comes to pairing with other finishes. So, can our kitchens “wear” white before and after memorial day? We think so! Check out some inspiring white kitchens below!

White with a Touch of Gold

We absolutely love this kitchen! White was a great option for the cabinetry in this space because we wanted to allow the other finishes to really stand out. The first thing you may notice is the impressive marble backsplash, or possibly the gold tone fixtures. Keeping the cabinets a neutral finish allow all the materials in the space to work well together without being overwhelming. What are your thoughts?!

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Classic All-White and Marble

When you want to go real classic with your space, you can’t go wrong with white paint and marble finishes. Many clients are attracted to this color scheme because it gives off a “clean” feeling without being cold. No need for flames because the softness and richness in the marble really warms the kitchen up!

No Need to go All White

Worried about going all white with the kitchen? Then mix your cabinetry up with another finish. A really popular option is to introduce an additional finish to the island, or even “tuxedo-ing” your kitchen where the bottom cabinets have a contrasting color to the upper cabinets. Here you can keep things neutral with a wood-tone, or you can even introduce another color! Options are endless!

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As we speak about how kitchens “wear” white in good nature, we cannot forget what Memorial Day signifies. Thank you to our fallen heroes for the sacrifices you have made for our freedom! Happy (belated) Memorial Day!