As with all of our kitchen designs and remodels, the first step of the process is to understand who our client is and how he/she will be using the new space. For one of our clients, who is a professional baker, the function of the kitchen was never more important.

After understanding her needs and desires, we designed the space to make baking an easy and integral part of her kitchen. A large island provides a built-in marble surface for rolling, kneading and cutting and a custom wood piece in the center houses all of her small baking tools like measuring spoons, parchment, cookie cutters, brushes, and molds. We also added a lift-up shelf to bring her mixer up to counter top height, eliminating the need to lift the heavy appliance. A second sink in the island allows her to wash her hands with frequency with very few extra steps. As a result, a part-time passion turned into a full-fledged business.

A large island becomes a baker’s dream

A large marble surface is perfect for kneading, rolling and cutting

A small prep sink and lots of drawers eliminate steps and increase efficiency