Kitchen Pot Filler Basics

If you’ve ever renovated your kitchen or you’re about to start, you’ll soon realize how many small details really go into a project! It may seem like a kitchen renovation just consists of cabinetry, countertops, and backsplash. Well, there are often times we have to be super diligent and work out many details for a successful project. So, today we figured we could narrow in on one of these details, pot fillers! This is an item that takes planning and preparation, and since pot fillers are a frequent request from our clients, we figured we could talk about them in a little more detail.


Let’s begin with some basics.

So, what exactly is a pot filler?

A pot filler is a feature that we install behind a stove, range, or cooktop. It is essentially a retractable water source to make your life easier by not having to lift your pots over to the sink to fill up with water, and then have to carry it back. Over time, that could get to be a pain, especially if you’re dealing with heavy stockpots or cast iron.

What are the Pros and Cons?

Pros: The most obvious pro, and possibly the only reason you need a pot filler is that it will save you some time not having to go back and forth to the sink. It’s especially nice for those times you are in the middle of cooking and need to refill with water. Plus, while it’s not in use, it’s still a beautiful feature to have in your kitchen.

Cons: To have a pot filler you would need access to water, so that’s a cost that would need to be considered. Also, if you spill any water, there is nowhere for the water to drain, so you will need to wipe down your cooking surface after use – which most of us have to do anyway whether we have a pot filler or not.

So, what are some considerations of installing a pot filler?

Let’s begin with height. How high are your pots? Are there certain pots you use more often? Determining the height of the pot filler is very important, you don’t want it to be too low or too high. Also, you need to consider placement side. Do you have a range with 4 burners on the left and a griddle on the right? Well, then we would recommend placing the pot filler on the same side as the burners. Plus, a pot filler only has so much reach, it may not reach all your burners.

All in all, we think pot fillers are beautiful and at the same time, they make your life easier! So, if you’re considering a pot filler, we hope to have helped you make your decision!