While Clients immediately see the need to redo their cabinets, flooring and countertops, an area that doesn’t get the same attention is kitchen lighting. And, it is personally one of my favorite aspects of a kitchen remodel because great lighting can make all the difference in how your kitchen performs and how your kitchen looks. From hanging pendants to under-cabinet lighting, creating a lighting plan for your remodel project is important for maximum impact. Questions to consider when developing your lighting plan:

  1. What areas of my kitchen could use improved illumination?
  2. Am I more interested in function or aesthetics or both?
  3. Where do I have natural light coming in and how would that affect my lighting needs?
  4. Do I want to go neutral in my lighting choices (which would influence if they are hidden or not and which products you consider) or lean on some new lighting for a splash of color (like in the pendant lights below)?
  5. How much am I willing to invest in lighting? (Remember that lighting can have a dramatic impact on the aesthetics of your kitchen and it is oftentimes worth it to spend a little more to make a style statement.)

As with any large remodeling plan, discuss your choices and thoughts with the kitchen designer or kitchen remodeling company. They will have plenty of sage advice to share and open up the possibilities even to the wonderful and evolving world of kitchen lighting.

Below, pendant lights add pops of color to an otherwise neutral kitchen

Below, under-cabinet lighting provides subtle but necessary light in this wet bar off of the kitchen

Below, these overhead hanging shaded chandeliers offer an overall warmth and since they are on a dimmer switch, they can be turned up for increased functionality