Kitchen Islands That Entertain

It’s no surprise that the kitchen island is perfect for entertaining. Not only do islands entertain, but they serve various functions for the kitchen such as providing extra workspace and storage. Having an island in your kitchen is like a magnet that draws people near. How many times have you walked directly towards the island when hanging out in a kitchen? See what we mean? Plus, having an island puts a nice barrier between the workspace and place for people to gather. Now with the holidays right around the corner, a little talk about our favorite “islands that entertain” couldn’t have come at a better time! Check out some of our favorites below!

XXL Island with Seating

Oftentimes when designing the layout for a kitchen island we ask how many seats do you wish to have? This helps us decide how long the island should be, and also determine right away if there is space. On average, we estimate about 24” per seat, so and island such as this one would require a minimum of 120” in length. Seating in an island is like an informal invitation that says “hey, come sit over here!”. Plus, while the host is cooking, it’s a perfect place to hang out.

Tri-Level Island Fit for Anyone

Not only does this kitchen have TWO whole islands, but the second island acts as a seating mecca complete with three different levels. Here you can stand, sit at bar height and even sit at table height. So whatever seating suits your needs, this kitchen’s got it! The different levels are determined by the various countertops. The combination creates a beautiful, yet, functional purpose. So when it comes to entertaining, guests have several seats (or standing position) to choose from!

Integrated Island Banquette

We love this banquette because it is literally integrated into the island! The island is created using an L shape and placing cabinetry on the “backside” of the L. On the inside, there’s a perfectly snug banquette complete with a round table and extra chairs. This is perfect for entertaining your guests while staying in “action” in the kitchen. We love this banquette!

Banquette and Chill

Now, this banquette is a perfect gathering space for people to hang out while not “cluttering” up the kitchen. This banquette is built on the backside of the kitchen island and is a perfect place to have a meal, hang out, and watch TV (yes, it faces a TV as well!). Whether it’s Sunday night football or simply the family chilling out, this banquette is a great way to entertain your friends and family!

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