As I continue the series about design trends we’ve noticed over the past couple of years, I note that the second trend relates closely to the first – opening up spaces.

Trend #2 is that people are going casual. Just as we used to see many more formal dining rooms, clients are wanting to re-purpose that space for more open and casual interaction. I remember my friend’s mother who was not keen on us playing in their living room. The plastic-covered couch was off limits and the carpet was to remain pristine. A more casual and live-able style now reigns supreme.

This premise spans the continuum from traditional to modern and shows itself in a variety of materials, including tumbled travertine, glass and wood. There is less ornate and more simple and timeless. We also see this in Clients opting for full light windows (versus paned windows) to bring the outside in and create the sense of casual openness. Window treatments are not as prevalent (in part due to energy efficiency but also reflecting a style preference) and we have recently re-faced several fireplaces with wood mantles versus brick and marble to again reflect a more casual style preference. Notice the casual nature of these kitchens, from traditional to modern in style.

Traditional Kitchen in Coppell (below)

Transitional Kitchen in Dallas (below)

Modern Kitchen in Richardson (below)