Kitchen Design Trend #1: Open Floorplans

In a series of blogs, I am going to share with you several trends that we have seen developing over the past couple of years. Some are related to bigger picture general trends like the economy, but others are direct results of the way we are choosing to live and entertain as more social and interactive beings. So, let’s get started.

The biggest impact trend we’ve noticed is the desire for our clients to open up their spaces. They are doing away with walls that once separated their formal living rooms and knocking down barriers to connect outdoor spaces with their kitchens, bringing the outdoors in. This allows for more conversation to occur in larger groups who are spaced out over a couple of hundred square feet versus the intimate spaces we used to have that created distinct and separate rooms. See below for pictures of some of our recently designed kitchens showing wide open spaces.

A beautiful traditional kitchen…

traditional kitchen

And, below, a great modern kitchen in Richardson…

modern kitchen

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