We recently revisited our client whose kitchen we completed in January. We started chatting about the kitchen and how much they were loving the space. A fact I had forgotten was that the backsplash was the inspiration for the rest of the kitchen design palette. The homeowner loved a striking combination of tiles we had shown her on a storyboard and all other materials were chosen from there. My smartphone does not do justice to these photos, but we will have the kitchen shot by our photographer in the coming months and will share much more with you then.

Below, a couple of snapshots of the kitchen backsplash and surrounding tiles. Notice the variance of color throughout the tile with varying hues of brown and copper juxtaposed the rich glass tiles.

Below, a snapshot of the large island that is a centerpiece of the kitchen. The beautiful marble countertop is made even more dramatic with a three-inch lip that our expert fabricator made to make the marble look twice as thick as it really is.