Have you ever wondered what types of tips and tricks we have up our sleeves when designing kitchens and baths? Well, today we are going to spill some of our design secrets that help make our designs a success! On paper it may seem like we just plop in cabinets where they fit, but it’s not just about that. There is much to be taken into consideration with design such as: appliances, ceiling heights, storage solutions, countertop thickness, depth of walkways, awkward corners of the walls, and much more! So, to learn about some of our kitchen design secrets, keep reading!

Fridge End Panels

This trick is something we do with regular refrigerators that are meant to be freestanding. What we do is we frame out the fridge with panels on each side, and top it off with a cabinet above. The panels and the cabinet above are at least 24” deep (preferably as deep or slightly deeper than the countertop depth to allow the counters to die into the panel) giving it a more built in look. What do you think of this look?


Hidden Storage

Your cabinets aren’t just for dishes and glassware, you know! So, if you are someone who dislikes clutter, then hidden storage solutions are for you. Today, you can find SO many different types of ways to store your items from pantry pull-outs, to slide out drawers, to lifts, to spice drawer organizers, and more! Whatever your storage needs, we always find ways to incorporate these into a design. Even you have something specific with special size requirements, we’ll find solutions to make it work!

Tray Storage

This one deserves its own category because tray storage is special, it can store various items other than trays (what!?), and it can even be placed in almost any type of cabinet (consider drawers, base cabinets, and wall cabinets). Think of tray storage as your kitchen filing system where you can organize trays, cookie sheets, platters, and cutting boards. If you could only have one type of storage in your kitchen, tray storage is a winner!


Tile Coordinated Outlets

Didn’t think of this one? Well, that’s why we got you covered! If you have outlets in your backsplash, which we assume the most of us do, then it would be safe to assume that you’d want to coordinate the outlet covers with your backsplash tile. This will blend in the outlets giving your backsplash a seamless look!

Hidden Appliances

Really want to have a seamless look in your kitchen? Then consider hidden appliances! Basically, the appliances in your kitchen have paneled fronts matching your cabinetry. If this is something of interest, then integrated appliances are required (no, this is not something you can do with appliances that already have stainless fronts). Your guests may be confused as to where your dishwasher is, but that’s all part of the fun!

What do you think about our kitchen design secrets?