Kitchen Design Concepts Logo Evolution

Since we’ve never discussed the history of our logo before, we want to share where we started, where we are, and where we’re headed. Join us on a quick trip down memory lane…

The Past

Just as we redesign, renovate, update and reconfigure your homes, we’ve done the same with the Kitchen Design Concepts logo. At the cornerstone of fueling a life of passion and purpose, Kitchen Design Concepts was developed through the determination and aspiration of co-founders Mary Kathryn Reese and Jennifer Sherrill. In 2004, Mary Kathryn and her late partner, Jennifer, purchased Kitchen Design Concepts after years in the corporate consulting world. Following the adoption of their first son, Parker, Mary Kathryn and Jennifer recognized the immediate fit that owning a business would provide for their growing family. With the purchase of the business came weeks of strategy formulation, process development, and dreams of all the new adventures to come. The first Kitchen Design Concepts logo embodies the passion and grit responsible for the ultimate success of the new Kitchen Design Concepts Era.

The Present

As the business began to flourish with the business acumen derived from a background in consulting, coupled with customer relationships, impressive design work, and the implementation of processes and procedures, Kitchen Design Concepts recognized the need for a new logo to embody its established brand. The current logo portrays a stovetop, the cornerstone of the kitchen and where we think a lot of great things begin. Kitchen Design Concepts utilizes the unique skills and techniques our employees possess to create a luxurious and welcoming design in the cornerstone of our clients’ homes. Whether you are a chef, someone who cooks occasionally or not at all, a stovetop is often the utilitarian and design focus of a kitchen. Orange represents vibrant creativity that is incorporated into each design aspect. Developing creative concepts for our clients and their unique needs creates a dynamic partnership that places trust in our brand.

The Future

We look forward to sharing the NEW logo for Kitchen Design Concepts and how our brand has evolved into its next phase. Stay tuned!