Kitchen Design Bloopers You Want To Avoid

When designing your dream kitchen (whether you’re working with a designer or not), the design may seem like a straightforward concept…but is it really? Yes, there’s cabinets, countertops, and backsplash, but what you do with those materials can make a difference in the overall design! Kitchen design bloopers are easy to make, but they are also easy to avoid! So, we want to help you avoid making those mistakes! Let’s take a look at some kitchen design bloopers to avoid!

Cabinets over peninsulas

20-30 years ago, this was a feature in most kitchens. Today, this is a feature we remove! With placing cabinets over a peninsula you are closing in the kitchen and making it seem much smaller. Client’s today, want a more open and breathable feel to their kitchen where they have an overview of other spaces in their home. If that’s something you want as well, keep things open and don’t place cabinets in this area. Instead, you could add a light feature and some seating.

In-cabinet lights without glass shelves

If you have a cabinet with a glass front that also has interior lighting, don’t make the blooper mistake of using wood shelves! Wood shelves block the light so it only lights up one shelf! This is a quick fix though, just utilize glass shelves instead and let each shelf shine bright! No lighting? No worries, glass and wood shelf materials will work!


Ceiling fan and Ceiling lights too close together

If this is already an issue in your home, you know exactly what we are talking about. Unless you want a strobe-light effect, don’t place a ceiling fan in close proximity to ceiling lights. For when you turn the fan on, the blades are going under the light which creates this annoying, but avoidable effect. Be sure to measure out those blades and make sure there is enough space from any light source.