Let’s take a look at some of the projects that we have highlighted in the past and discuss some tips and processes to think about when planning your kitchen renovation.

The kitchen is one of the selling points of your home and can reap the biggest rewards of a design update. When considering a total revamp of your space the first step is to relax! We start our design projects with a lifestyle assessment form that helps to put your needs and layout desires into words. By making a list of all of the dinnerware, countertop appliances, pots, pans, and everything that is used in the kitchen we are able to create storage solutions that will house all of these items.

This kid-friendly kitchen incorporates creative storage areas while achieving a sophisticated look for the grown-ups!

kid friendly

The kitchen was redesigned so that mom could keep an eye on the kids while in the kitchen. This raised dishwasher design is a hit with empty-nesters.


Good design is timeless and this retro kitchen is proof!


You don’t have to have a big kitchen to make it modern. This island has been scaled down to add counter space in the right proportions.

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