Kitchen Cookbook Library

If there has ever been a good time to incorporate a cookbook library into your kitchen, why not plan for it when doing your remodel? We have had many clients over the years share with us their cookbook collections, and it is really neat to see their passions with cooking – which makes it that much more rewarding when we get the chance to remodel their kitchens! A good collection (you know, the ones with the stains that crackle when you flip the page) deserves to be put on display, and that is why we are sharing some of the ways we have incorporated a designated library for our clients’ cookbooks!

Cookbooks are the centerpiece

We love how these cookbooks are a part of the centerpiece of this kitchen. Here they outline the decorative backsplash tile that accentuates the range and hood. This library of cookbooks was designed to be a part of the action, right where cooking takes place. We also love that they add pops of color in this white kitchen. Who’s ready to cook?!

Cookbooks with easy access

Looking at this kitchen from the front, you won’t see the cookbooks, but standing from the side – surprise! A cookbook collection nestled perfectly into the side of the island. Although this library does not take up a whole bunch of space, it’s a perfect little spot for those frequently used cookbooks that are easily accessible.

Cookbooks cleverly stored in the island

With a large cookbook collection, this library deserved the have an entire end of an island. The cookbooks play a very big part in this kitchen, as these clients love to discover, create, and adapt recipes from their cookbooks! So, having the cookbooks not only nearby but also on display was essential as they are heavily utilized. Now, who’s getting hungry?!

Cookbooks organized to perfection

We love that this collection of cookbooks could essentially have their own library organization system. Each shelf is a designated genre, making finding the right book a breeze because who doesn’t love easy? We think the key to organizing cookbooks is to keep them in the kitchen, and better yet, on display!