Kitchen and Bath Month Tablescape Inspiration

Every year our local National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) Texas North Plains Chapter hosts their biggest event of the year: Kitchen and Bath Month. The event consists of a Lunch and Learn in the morning following by their evening event: Tablescapes and Holiday Spectacular. With over 150 attendees and so many well known Dallas designers setting up some holiday and themed table settings to inspire, this year’s Kitchen and Bath Month event did NOT disappoint. Here are some of our takeaways 2019 event!

Awareness and Giving Thanks

As you may not know, October is Kitchen and Bath Month but you may already know that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We know there are too many people to count who have been affected by this and maybe next year (or anytime of the year) you may want to host an awareness event for yourself. Well, did we see the PERFECT table for you. Carrie Barron (Carrie Barron Interiors) and Karen Parks (Associate Interiors) joined forces to create such an inspired setting. Full of love, friendly reminders to get checked regularly, adorable graham crackers, and a mantra to “Fight Like A Girl” we could not turn away.

And since we are at the end of the month, Thanksgiving is next! We saw three tables with this theme, all done differently. The first from Tre Dominguez (Showstopper Designs) showcased delicious covered apples, adorable name tags – so everyone knows where to sit for a large feast – and lots of leaves to pay homage to the outdoors. The second from Faye Nielson (The Neilson Collection) had a gorgeous set up with monogrammed glasses, a well thought out array of fresh flowers, and fun pairing on green and orange/copper tones to really set the mood. Finally, from Abby Smith and Abbey Ragsdale (Smith and Ragsdale Interior Design) came a most home style display. Intricately designed plates next to a menu preps guests to get ready for all of the food fun, and a card to write down what you are thankful for is such a classy touch. The tower of canned foods in the centerpiece was not only well designed but they used all of these items after the event and donated to the North Texas Food Bank to help feed others this holiday season. We loved it!

Gifting and Celebrating

Christmas lends to having big celebrations with both family and friends, so why not dress up the event?! And – SURPRISE!! – you don’t have to always stick to a red and green theme to get into the spirit. Neither of the Christmas inspired tablescapes did this year at Kitchen and Bath Month. First – the winning design of the night – from Heidi Arwine (Heidi Arwine Interiors) was not only colorful and fun, but the centerpiece was edible! Stuffed full of cookies to share it really catches the eye and even the fun table settings and little nutcracker men are perfect for kids of all ages. The table “next door” was another holiday theme but with a little extra funk. For Robin Stevens (R. Stevens Interiors) color is no object and a mix of different patterns and designs just works really well together. Afraid of using a bold print table cloth – don’t be! And those fork placeholders are super adorable.

Then finally, the grande finale: New Year’s! Who doesn’t love celebrating the last night of the year?! We do, and we just loved the two very different ideas for this. From the team over at The Kitchen Source in the Dallas Design District we have a roaring twenties theme – perfect for entering into the next round of the twenties. So clever! Classic, glitzy, and just the right number of macaroons to snack on all night long. Last but not least, a very simple yet stunning design from Elena Moraru (Atelier Interior Design). The time-honored tradition of silver, black and gold pair with wood tones for a more down to earth feel. Another reason we love this set up so much? It’s so versatile that we could trade out an item or two and make it the perfect dinner setting year round!

Centerpieces Galore

“A table setting is never truly perfect until you have the best centerpiece around” – said by us, right now. All of the tables were so creative and fun that we would love to recreate all of these at our next event! The biggest theme? Everything is bigger in Texas – including a holiday themed centerpiece. From a mannequin ready to put up a good fight to a pumpkin sprouting the most fall inspired floral display. From a colorful tree stocked with cookies and gingerbread guarded by the most fabulous nutcracker ever to a jazz-aged inspired design that reminds you to not leave your largest boa at home. Here they are in all of their glory – and thanks again for all of the inspiration from this year’s Kitchen and Bath Month event!

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