Patience is a virtue and this statement is the most true when it comes to kitchen remodeling! Most people want to go from average to amazing as fast as possible – but realistic expectations are the difference between suffering through a remodel and keeping the fun in the process.

First, take time to decide if you really need a full remodel or just an update. A remodel is a long process and you don’t want to sign up for a major renovation when you only needed a fresh coat of paint and a few tiles.

Once you have decided to take on a bigger project, take a closer look at your kitchen habits. How many people will be in the kitchen? How will they move around the kitchen, both everyday and during entertaining? Will you need dedicated space for pets? Extra lighting?

Even if you answer these questions, there can still be things you never even considered such as certain aspects of layout or required permits. This is where a designer can help. For instance, Kitchen Design Concepts uses a Lifestyle Assessment Tool to help identify those essential kitchen habits. A designer can help you manage every aspect of your remodel from beginning to end – including establishing a budget, narrowing down the millions of options in materials, and turning your ideas into an attainable vision.

That being said, no designer is a mind reader. You’ll have to communicate your dream kitchen accurately to get the desired results so it’s important to organize your ideas. Use magazine clippings and write what you like about that kitchen in the margins. Keep images and notes contained in a binder or start a Pinterest page of inspirations. Having your ideas organized will give your designer a clearer picture of your dream.

Most of all, remember to keep calm! Get familiar with the process of remodeling and find your happy place, because it can be a grueling process. Even when you think construction is over, there is always a list of small fixes such as paint touch-ups or scratches. If you prepare and approach your process with zen, getting to fabulous will be fun!