Dacor microwave drawer
My last blog about my favorite kitchen appliance spurred some conversation around the showroom and I thought I’d share what Katie (lead designer) identified as her favorite. I have to say this appliance is pretty great as well – the microwave drawer. I would say that we are now installing these in about 50% of the kitchens we design and remodel. The microwave drawer (shown below from Dacor) has all the great features of a microwave – quick cooking, ability to cook in existing packaging or container – with the added feature of three sensory settings, including reheat, micro warm and defrost.

The micro warm setting, for instance, is a great feature when your family is eating on different schedules because you can prepare only once, but keep the food at a good temperature on this setting. Additionally, because it is configured like a drawer, it can be placed in myriad places like under a countertop, in an island or under your wall oven.

Here, the microwave drawer is handily tucked away in this double island we created for a couple who enjoys a vegan lifestyle. (They need lots of room for prepping fresh fruits and vegetables.)

Here we placed the microwave drawers in the island that doubles as a bar top and second dining table – it’s out of the way, yet very convenient

Microwave drawer

Below, we placed it under the countertop and next to the dishwasher

The microwave drawer is one of those appliances that proves that there is always a way to improve something that is already great. Check back next week when I reveal what Jennifer (co-founder and President) said was her favorite appliance. Until next time…