Teppanyaki drop-in

You’ve heard about my favorite, the induction cooktop, and Katie’s, the microwave drawer, and now it’s time to reveal Jennifer’s – it’s the lesser-known but cool Teppanyaki Grill (shown below in two slightly different styles). This is not a mainstream appliance but is wonderful for the cook who has the room for a few indulgences. The Teppanyaki Grill (also Teppan-Yaki Griddle) comes from Teppan, meaning Iron Pan in Japanese, and Yaki, indicating grilling.

Teppanyaki Griddle
This cooking style is most commonly associated with Japanese Steak Houses – if you’ve ever been to a Benihana, you’ve been entertained by chefs in front of a Teppanyaki Grill. In the home, it is a different way to cook in that most of the foods being cooked are already cut into small pieces, marinated and then heated or cooked on the grill top. Even rice and vegetables can be cooked ahead of time and then thrown on this smooth, no-grate grill for re-heating. You can then plate your entire meal off of this flat top. It is great for entertaining as the conversation value is high and people enjoy the show of watching the preparation. The gas heating the cook top is intense and so meats and seafood cook quickly. Many people add yakiniku sauce for dipping and yakisoba noodles. The Teppanyaki is great for a change of pace and allows cooks (and their guests) to enjoy their home cooking in a new way.