Are you in the market to learn more about integrated appliances? Well, today we answer some of your questions on how to make your appliances blend in with your kitchen! Learn more about integrated appliances below:

So what does “integrated” mean?

Simply put, when you see the word “integrated” associated with an appliance, it is meant to match the look of your cabinetry. So, instead of having a fridge that is stainless steel, black, or white, you would have a fridge integrated into your kitchen with a cabinet front matching your kitchen cabinets. Overall, having integrated appliances “hides” your appliances and gives the space a uniform and sleek look.

Why should I do integrated appliances?

Let’s just say, no one has to do integrated appliances. It definitely doesn’t make your kitchen any better or worse. It comes down to a matter of preference and how you want your kitchen to look in the end. So, let’s explore some of the reasons why a client may want an integrated look.


Client “A” has a very small kitchen and wants it to appear larger. So, going with integrated appliances and creating a continuous look may make the kitchen appear larger.

Client “B” desires a sleeker looking kitchen and wants to make their guests guess where the fridge is (who knows!?).

      Then, client “C” just really likes the look it gives.

See, there really is no scientific reason why you should have integrated appliances or not, because like mentioned above, it’s all a matter of preference.

What appliances can be integrated?

The main kitchen appliances we integrate are the fridge, freezer, and dishwasher. There are also appliances such as small beverage units, fridge and freezer drawers, and also integrated washer and dryers. There are also no rules to what you should integrate or not – it all depends on the overall design and end result you are looking for. However, there are some appliances not made to be integrated, such as the cooktop and oven.

What style of kitchen can do integrated appliances?

The fun thing about integrated appliances is that it works with any design style. Whether you have a traditional or an ultra-modern kitchen, these unobtrusive appliances are finding their ways into all kinds of styles.