utilize your drawers kitchen design

How to Utilize Your Drawers, No Matter the Size!

Drawers are an awesome invention if you think about it. In simple terms, a drawer is a vessel that carries the items that you can slide in and out of a cabinet, which is genius! In a kitchen, you have two groups of drawers. There is the standard 6” high, we’ll call them “short” drawers, and you have drawers larger than 6”, those we’ll call “deep” drawers. Short drawers are infamous for being clutter catchers, mess drawers, and a nightmare to keep organized. And if you don’t keep your deep drawers organized, they too will become a mess for you to dig around. While they both store items, being smart about how you store your items will save you from a headache later on. Keeping organized is easy if you have a system, so check out a recent project we completed and see how our clients have utilized their drawers (Marie Kondo would be jealous)!

The Magic of Cutlery Dividers

Where would we be without cutlery dividers? These dividers are great for your short drawers and are what makes your kitchen much cleaner, organized, and well-thought out. Not only do they give you a complete overview of your drawer, but they also save you time from having to dig around.

utilize your drawers kitchen design

The Non-Mess Mess Drawer

This is the most perfectly organized mess-drawer we’ve ever laid our eyes on! We recommend taking everything out of your mess-drawer and purging items you don’t need. Then place a cutlery divider in your drawer and start organizing your items. Cutlery dividers are not only great for cutlery but also great for organizing all your knick-knacks.

utilize your drawers kitchen design

The Baking Drawer

Baking sheets are typically stored upright in a cabinet – library style, but what about all your other bakewares? Instead of being stashed away in a cabinet, create a system in your deep drawer and stack away! The best part about this is you don’t need a fancy insert, just a thought out plan on how you want to organize.

utilize your drawers kitchen design

The Pots and Pans Drawer

Pots and pans are bulky items that many people don’t know where to store. They tend to jump from one cabinet to another, and they never really seem to find a home. So what about stacking them in a deep drawer? Keeping them in a deep drawer will give you a great overview of all your pots and pans without ever having to dig anything out from the back of a cabinet!

utilize your drawers kitchen design

Feel inspired? Check out the kitchen above or check out some more of our favorite storage solutions!

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