How to Hide Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances get a lot of use in most kitchens and are not always the most eye-catching parts of our kitchen decor. It’s true that the aesthetics of kitchen appliances have come a long way, but a microwave is still a microwave. So how do you clean up your kitchen space when you have to have the functionality of these gadgets? One way is to hide the appliance behind closed doors. They are out of sight, but easy to access…

Another option is to research brands that come in a variety of configurations. We took this microwave out of the line of sight by using a microwave drawer in the two kitchen remodels shown below.

A third option is to create cabinet fronts that conceal your appliances like in this cabinet front refrigerator. It is a nice way to make a large kitchen appliance fade into your decor. (Notice how it moves right into an out-of-eye shot desk for easy organization while maintaining the aesthetics we were going for.)

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