I recently had a chance to “interview” one of our past Clients and thought I’d share this happy homeowner’s perspective. She had made the claim that the remodel “changed her life” and so I wanted to know more…

Q: How did the kitchen remodel change your life?
A: Well, our kitchen was outdated and not functional and we really didn’t want to spend much time in it. We lacked the “hearth and home” feeling and so we ate out nearly every night. Now, our kitchen is beautiful and very organized. It makes cooking really fun and effortless, so we find that we want to stay in. It feels like we are eating in a really nice restaurant every night and it’s been great for bringing our family together. It also has made it so much more fun to entertain. I can cook while people are sitting at the bar and be part of the party. I would say the amount we entertain has doubled and now we enjoy it so much more!

Q: What are one or two of your favorite updates?
A: One is the new 12’ window we put in; it brings so much light into the space and gives us a beautiful view outside. Secondly, I would say our open floor plan. Kitchen Design Concepts moved walls and made our space so much more open. We can have four people preparing the meal at one time and no one gets in anyone’s way.

Q: Did anything surprise you about the remodel?
A: I would have to say the extent to which we are enjoying the space. I knew it would look better, but I didn’t know how much more organized and functional it would be. I really didn’t know how it would transform our lives.

Q: Is there any advice you would give to someone considering remodeling their kitchen?
A: I would have to say to do your research. We talked with several companies about their vision and we were most impressed with Kitchen Design Concepts because of their business approach. They were very professional. I would also say to check references and ask them how close the company stayed to their timeline, if they delivered within budget, if the crew left the space clean each day, if they were good communicators, if they were responsive and if you could work well with them. Kitchen Design Concepts met all of the above requirements and then some. They helped us understand how to function while our kitchen was under construction and even helped us set up a “temporary kitchen.” We have now had them do additional remodeling projects because we have so enjoyed our relationship. Everyone deserves to be so lucky!