Handcrafted cement tiles are coming in more sizes and colors than ever before. The look stands out on its own and can make a striking yet subtle statement. A room with these tiles does not need much else for ornamentation, and can fit into a traditional space as well as a contemporary design, like the kitchen pictured below. The tiles can be made with soft muted colors, or bright and interesting color and pattern combinations fitted to your personal style. As it turns out, cement tiles are also a green and Eco-conscious choice.

The manufacturing process to produce cement tiles, originally termed “Encaustic” tiles, has not changed much since the 1850s. Cement is often sourced locally and does not need to be fired like ceramic clay. Instead, traditional cement tiles are formed by combining cement, marble powder, and natural pigments. They are then put into a hydraulic press, mold, and then air-dried to create an extremely durable end product.

Cement tiles are also easy to clean, non-flammable, non-polluting, recyclable, and naturally insulating, helping to keep surfaces cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And of course, they’re absolutely beautiful!