It’s time for holiday decorating, which is usually associated with silver,  gold and other metallic hues. But these shiny touches don’t have to be reserved for only a certain time of year. During one of our recent renovations, our client fell in love with some special ways we sprinkled in these quasi-industrial touches with a year-round appeal. As she described it, she wanted something that looked “slick, but also lived in.”



In the backsplash behind the stove, we opted for a lantern pattern in a pewter metallic finish. Keeping with the metal theme, we chose a mesh finish in some of the cabinets, which were also treated with a slightly distressed finish. Wire mesh is a great alternative to glass as it introduces a new texture into the design but still obscures the content inside the cabinets.



On our Facebook page, we addressed the metallic theme highlighting some kitchen backsplashes featured on HGTV. The topic was a huge hit. Our followers loved examples such as these embossed tin backsplash tiles. With color choices ranging from copper to silver, they make for an easy way to add a visual element to your space that’s evocative of an early 20th century tavern.

Bronze tiles can be mixed with other metals to create the clean lines of a modern kitchen (or as HGTV suggests, a Mondrian painting) or added in to more traditional backsplashes for a stunning accent piece.

Silver and gold work very well as accent pieces, too. Take for example these streamlined silver “Time Square” tiles, which add a touch of modernity to any space. Or how about these gold leaf and glass tiles that bring a warm glow to the kitchen even bouncing light off of the stainless steel vent hood.

And there you have it, a (copper) penny for our thoughts about the wide variety of ways to mix and match metal into your next design.