The kitchen is the heart of the house – every family member spends time there, which is why considering a desk space near the kitchen is a great idea. It can be an efficient family “command center” and more (I love having a computer in the kitchen for looking up recipes and cooking videos). Best of all, a desk space can be integrated into almost any kitchen design. Kitchen Design Concepts created this desk space that blends in alongside the well-hidden refrigerator:


This desk space is close to the action but not too close – just far enough to keep fly-away kitchen messes from spilling onto potentially important items. Families that are constantly on-the-go however, may want to opt for a stand-up message center. It eliminates the option to sit but still offers convenience. Cork backsplashes, drawers with graduated depths and extra, integrated electrical outlets keep the space dedicated to getting the family prepped and out the door. Kitchens that are low on space can still fit room for a desk by taking advantage of blind corners or extra cabinets.

Whether it’s stand-up, sit-down or hidden, Kitchen Design Concepts can come up with the perfect lifestyle-fitted desk space for your kitchen design!