In this ongoing series for those thinking about re-designing and remodeling their kitchens, I will address what to expect in our first meeting with you. At Kitchen Design Concepts,  this meeting is our first chance to hear your likes and dislikes as you set the stage for your ideal kitchen space. We come to understand your objectives and listen between the lines to produce a proposal that reflects you. Our goal is to hear things you say and don’t say so that when we sit down to discuss our plan, you are not only hearing back what you told us but we’ve taken it even one step further to a place you didn’t know existed. There are four key goals of this first meeting:

Even if you have taken preliminary measurements, this is key for us to take precise measurements. We know exactly which measurements to take and can see first-hand any unique configurations you have that we will need to consider in the design.

Take Pictures:
This exercise provides visual reminders of your home and, specifically your kitchen, that we will use as we begin planning your new space.

Complete Lifestyle Assessment:
Typically, we will ask that you complete as much as you can of our Lifestyle Assessment prior to our meeting so that you have the opportunity to think about the ways in which you currently use your space as well as aspirationally how you would like to use your new space. This will be our guide as we talk about your family’s day-to-day use of the kitchen area and consider the things that will be most important to you as we design your new space. We find that being detailed from the beginning ensures success throughout the project.

While we don’t expect for you to provide a specific number, it is helpful for us to understand your general expectations. Knowing your thresholds will allow us to guide your preferences and keep expectations in check.