In part one of this series called “Getting Ready to Remodel,” I mentioned that one of the most frequent questions we hear is “How much does a kitchen remodel cost?” While there are average costs that accompany a design and remodel project, much of this is determined by your style and your preference of materials. I recently saw a statistic from a kitchen remodeling study that cited $72,000 as the average price for a kitchen remodel.

The biggest expenses in a project of this type are the cabinets and the appliances. And, as we all know, appliances can run the gamut in terms of features and accompanying costs. Do you want a standard microwave or a microwave drawer? Do you want your refrigerator to have a stainless finish or a custom-made wood front that blends in with the traditional cabinets you’ve selected. Will you have a warming drawer, an impinger, a Teppanyaki grill? All of these decisions will influence your remodel.

Now turn to cabinets. When considering your cabinet selection, we will walk you through the various manufacturers, the wood construction and the various styles. Pricing varies with each manufacturer and the construction of the cabinet box. But there are a multitude of selections you can make here too – will you have blu-motion (a wonderful feature that allows the drawer to close easily the last few inches on its own – no slamming drawers, no drawers left open and no little fingers getting mashed). Will your cabinets have a glaze and would you like the hidden hinges? Will you have full wood panels or a decorative tempered glass front to show off your heirloom china collection?

While it may seem like too many questions and be slightly overwhelming on your own, we find great joy in walking our Clients through these decisions based on their kitchen square footage, current and proposed configuration, style preferences and budgets. We have designed and remodeled a small kitchen for as little as $30,000 and moved well past the $100,000 mark based on the Client’s selections and space.

Regardless of budget, we have provided the guidance along the way that ensured that each of these cooks was pleased with the end result and are now loving their new kitchen spaces! Please check back for more on this subject – and if you’re in the Dallas area, please visit us at one of our two showroom spaces. Just contact us about a quote. And for now, happy cooking!