I wrote previously about two tools we use in our process of a kitchen (or bath) design and remodel (see Getting Ready to Remodel? Part I) and I wanted to continue exploring the process. Once your kitchen remodel is underway, a key step is setting up your temporary kitchen (like the one below).


A typical kitchen renovation, depending on the size of the space and scope of project, takes 8-12 weeks. Because you are out of that space for this length of time, we include Temporary Kitchen Set-Up as a critical step in our process. To make this easier, we have developed a booklet that each client receives at the appropriate time. This guide helps you plan for time out of your kitchen and consider the items you will need before packing your boxes. We will help you explore the many ways to cook without the use of your large cooktop and oven. Do you like to grill outdoors? Do you enjoy cooking in crock pots? We can certainly hook up your microwave, but are there other forms of meal preparation you will want to use? If a convection microwave is in your remodel plan, we can even have that delivered to you at the beginning of the project for use in your temporary kitchen. Convection cooking is great and we even provide a couple of recipes for you to prepare this way – like Death by Chocolate Bundt Cake. Who said that the remodel process shouldn’t be fun?