backsplash and grout 2

Fun With Backsplash and Grout

We’re talking about grout? Yes, grout! If you don’t know what grout is, it is a type of paste that fills in the gaps between tiles. If you look at your floor tile or backsplash tile, it’s the dried and hard material you see between each tile. You may think that grout doesn’t have much say in the design, but it does more than serve a necessary purpose in tiling. Grout is a great and simple way to incorporate added detail in the design!  It comes in various colors, which allows us to get a little creative. Today, when we look at something simple such as grout, we can have fun and take the design to a new level. Take a look at how a simple detail such as grout can make a big impact on the overall design below!

Blue Tile Paired with White Grout

With such a deep and dark backsplash tile, our goal was to elevate the hand-made features of this tile simply by contrasting the grout. The tile is imperfect and has a metallic sheen, so combining it with a lighter grout really lets the backsplash shine- even though it’s dark!

White Tile Paired with Grey Grout

Here we have done the exact opposite as above. We have combined a light backsplash tile with a darker grout. This really elevates the backsplash and gives it dimension. This classic subway tile and grey-ish grout are actually quite popular. It’s seen in many magazines and found it many photos on Pinterest. It’s definitely a popular combination!

backsplash and grout 3

White Tile Paired with Dark Grey Grout

Here we have taken the light tile and dark grout concept a step further by utilizing an even darker grout color. As a result, the almost black grout bounces off the colors seen in the oil-rubbed bronze hardware and shelving brackets. We love how each element has a purpose even in the smallest detail!

backsplash and grout 3

Red Mosaic Paired with Black Grout

The main backsplash is white on white which is simple and classic. However, the action is seen in the feature tile above the range. Here we have combined a red mosaic tile with black grout. This allows the feature tile to really POP! The mosaic tile has elements of red and orange hues, but it also has pops of black which is why this combination works so well.

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