First Friday Feature: Three Beautiful Bathrooms

For those of you who don’t know, we have a line of business referred to as our Partner Channel where we provide Dallas based interior designers, architects, home builders and remodelers with cabinetry! Having 5+ different cabinet lines, we take a portfolio approach to design and are able to help choose the right line for the right budget, style, and project. We also have our own in house designer who takes their designs, puts them into our various cabinet lines for costing and layout purposes, and then works alongside our partner and the homeowner to create the perfect space. Today’s Friday Feature highlights a home where we were able to provide cabinetry to several spaces, including these three beautiful bathrooms.

Guest Bathrooms

For both of the guest bathrooms, we kept the design a little on the simple side. Cabinets are from KitchenCraft – a MasterBrand cabinet line – with their Lexington door style. Maple paint grade doors with their Alabaster finish create a clean, crisp look. This also allowed the designer to have full reign on the other materials to use in both spaces.

Also, all of the bathrooms in this home were created using floating vanities. What does this mean? Well, it means that the cabinetry doesn’t touch the floor! Magic? Or a technical nightmare? It’s a little bit of both. First, the builder has to have our plans to ensure that they understand where the sinks and faucets need to go and how high above the ground our cabinets sit so that the plumbing can be pulled out of the wall at the right spot. Nobody wants a pipe hanging down below their gorgeous cabinets! Then, we have to install enough blocking inside the wall, as well as cabinet and counter supports. This ensures that our cabinetry can be secured to the wall with the weight of the counters without drooping over time.

Master Bathroom

Still going with the theme of floating vanities, we actually decided on a different cabinet line for the master bath. Cabinets are WW Woods Eclipse – their frameless cabinet line. The Aspen door style looks very similar to the doors in the other baths, but the bigger difference is the color. Dovetail Gray paint on Maple cabinet doors creates a fun change of pace, along with a real eye-catcher – perfect for this bathroom! Separate his and her vanity spaces were a must along with a tall linen cabinet for additional storage. This along with a kneehole for seated prep space really make this design perfect.


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