First Friday Feature: An Outdoor Kitchen For Any Occasion

Today we feature your not so average kitchen, because it’s an outdoor kitchen! This outdoor kitchen was actually a part of our owners complete home remodel (check out their indoor kitchen here, and their gorgeous master bath here!) This outdoor space sits openly (and might I add, perfectly) under the second floor giving it nice coverage making it a great place to hang out year round! Check out some of our favorite details below!

Outdoor Kitchen Materials

The finishes utilized in outdoor spaces cannot be your average kitchen finishes. In this feature, the cabinetry, appliances, and other finishes need to be weatherproof. This means the materials need to withstand moisture, winds, and much more. Aside from weather proofing, we need to point out is that gorgeous feature wall the kitchen sits along. This design is completely made out of brick! This not only looks neat, but it also allows for a nice breeze on a hot summer day. The burnt orange brick is a perfect color combination next to the deep toned cabinetry, giving the space a nice contrast.

Special Features

With such an open space such as this, we can only imagine all the wonderful gatherings happening in this outdoor kitchen. With two teen boys, we can already see the fun birthday parties! Plus with a kitchen complete with everything they need, they may not even need their indoor kitchen! We’ve got a grill, tepanyaki, vent hood, plumbing, and several types of storage solutions.

Outdoor kitchen perfect for any occasion

We hope you enjoyed this special First Friday Feature! Every first friday of the month, we feature a new project sharing details of the finishes and materials. Want to check out some of our other features? Then check out First Friday Feature: A Craftsman Kitchen, First Friday Feature: A Modern “Come Back” Master Bath, and First Friday Feature: An Outdoor Kitchen Fit For Any Grill-Lover.