Luxury Bedroom

First Friday Feature: Converting An Attic to A Bedroom

As we were remodeling our client’s entire home, we were also provided the task of transforming an unfinished attic and creating it into a bedroom sanctuary for their teenage daughter. This ultimately became the third floor. The main goal was to create a cozy environment that was not only good for sleeping but also hanging out with her friends. Plus, being that the converted bedroom is the only room on the new third floor, she had a space to go to separate from her younger siblings – it’s basically a teenage dream! As a result, we created a space that was light, airy, and exciting for any teenage girl. See what we did below!

Blank Design Canvas

The attic was underutilized and provided us an opportunity to play with a blank canvas. Plus, the new bedroom already came with natural divisions created by the brick chimney and the staircase creating different “areas”. When designing the bedroom space, we realized it was large enough to include a sleeping area, makeup area, closets, and a lounge area. Even so, there was still space left over! We must say, it’s easy to fill each nook and cranny, but we love the openness and airiness of the space created – more room for activities!

The Transformation

In order to transform the space to a cozy bedroom, we needed to complete a list of several tasks. Our list included: installing new 5” LED downlights, installing decorative pendants, replacing old windows with new ones, repairing and painting shiplap walls, repairing and painting brick chimneys, repairing and sanding large pine plank floors, and installing an oil rubbed bronze handrail for the staircase. Lastly, the finishing touches of the rugs, pillows, and furniture really hits the nail on the head! We love this bedroom sanctuary!

Final Thoughts

This conversion is not possible with every attic. Luckily this space already had access via the stairwell, high ceilings, and it was well-lit with existing windows. It was only a matter of time for this 3rd-floor bedroom conversion! If we could go back to our teenage years we’d be pretty envious of this bedroom!

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